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K. S. Wuertz

Stories to take you away!


The Mimosa Lake Series

begins with:

Life at Mimosa Lake:

The Story of The Winter Visitor

will keep you guessing, warm your heart and bring a smile. So pack your bags and come to the shores of Mimosa, once there, chances are you won’t want to leave.

5.0 out of 5 stars Inspirational Read!

Life at Mimosa Lake: The Story of the Winter Visitor is a great inspirational  story. I enjoyed learning about the lives of the small lake community's residents and the secrets they hold. I think most readers will be able to connect to at least one, if not more, of the characters in the book as they journey through the challenges with them. I loved the irony of Herbert Pott's, the self-proclaimed righteous man, who failed to see the blessing that God sent to those who were willing to open their hearts and minds. Even those were facing current day struggles, and sins of their own sorts had their spirits lifted. It's a reminder that as humans, we err ... and we sin, but God loves us unconditionally. I'm anxious to read the next one!

A.D. Spencer - Amazon Customer