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K. S. Wuertz‚Äč

Stories to take you away!

Life at Mimosa Lake:

Warm Days and Leda Clay

What happens when life throws you one unexpected turn after another? It's like standing on leda clay, it slides right out from under you....

Book 2 in the Mimosa Lake series!

Thanks to the eagles that wintered at Mimosa Lake, the neighbors are looking forward to spring with hopeful expectations. They will need their hope, their faith and each other; because the warm days are filled with challenges they couldn?t have imagined. River Ivery doesn?t quite know what to do. April brought gentle rains and renewed joy, but an unexpected turn of events has left her grieving. And one good unexpected turn deserves another. Something shiny ahs caught Tim Cole?s eye - and stolen his good nature. Dock Crayton?s new romance is shaky. Georgia Lemonn likes living alone - tell that to her troubled houseguests. Franklin Sheldon?s day of Atonement for a 30 year old secret has arrived. A rash of ?The Unexpected? has spread around Mimosa Lake as fast as poison ivy! What have Pastor Jack Daniels and his wife, heard the neighborhood was filled with good-hearted, fun-loving, quirky people. What have they moved into? Are the neighbors basking in the sun while standing on Leda clay? Join River Ivery, Tim Cole, Dock Crayton, Georgia Lemonn, Franklin Sheldon and all the Mimosa Lake neighbors in the sunshine, as they rely on their faith to give them sure footing through an ever-changing landscape. With God?s help, they just might learn that falling down a slippery slope can land you in unexpected blessings. Welcome back - to Mimosa Lake!

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